Able Service Company is a family based and owned company specializing in technical repairs for more than twenty eight years for the residents of Sugar Hill, Georgia and nearby areas. Having a good reputation founded by quality service, integrity and honesty, Able Service Company only hires the best technicians and technical experts in the industry to take on any type of repair job given to the company and produce an output that not only we can be proud of, but you as the customer will be satisfied with.

One of the services offered by the company is giving new life to air filtering systems that are not energy efficient anymore and may cause the owner more amount of money. But then, how does the AirQC Filter benefit the owner? First is that it can provide a more breathable and less hazardous bacteria prone air that is free from impurities that can trigger allergies and lung problems. Second, the filter is durable and made from high quality materials, allowing the owner to save money from purchasing a new filtration system that may cost a lot of money, the trouble of finding a new filter and the time that will be used to find a good replacement. Because the filter is made with high quality, it lessens the stress of any air filtering system, thus lessening the energy consumption making a big difference in your monthly electricity bill. Finally, having a manufacturer’s warranty for a lifetime that will surely cut your expenses on any repair, replacement or any other services needed for your air filtration system.

What if the AirQC Filter collected a large amount of dust and impurities? Well, don’t throw it away! AirQC Filter is easy to clean and can be reused many times without losing its air filtering capabilities. It is because of its static electricity charge that continuously traps and grabs dust and air impurities like a magnet.

But that’s not all, Able Service Company doesn’t only focus on air filtration systems but it also tackles hard to reach areas in your house specifically the ducts. In cooperation with The Duct Suckers, Inc. another revolutionary product was born – the Rotobrush which is capable of cleaning any type of duct. This product is very flexible yet powerful enough to suck out dust and dirt that are stuck in your duct, leaving a duct that allows fresh and healthy air to circulate within your home or office.

Having a highly ventilated air conditioning system gives you a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. But in order for you to experience the soothing comfort that it gives, proper attention must be provided for prolonging its life span. With Able Services Company, you can make sure that your equipment will be taken care of and be restored to its full capabilities twenty four seven.

Able Service Company only aims for customer satisfaction and providing quality service. But have you ever wondered about what else can you get with the offered service agreement? Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you engage in the service agreement:

  • Decrease in power consumption –Properly maintained equipment is less likely to consume energy because there are no hindrances to any parts of the equipment to perform its regular function.
  • Specified defect locator –The company technicians are capable of specifying the problems that exist in the equipment, giving the owner a head start to prevent any future problem outbreaks.
  • Low maintenance cost – Within the equipment’s span of use, it will experience minor damages of wear and tear. The customer will only need to pay for a low maintenance cost with less disruption.
  • Specially Designed Quality Control Test –The company uses only the most advanced testing machines to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Discount benefits – On technical services, spare parts and Emergency Response Services that are in need of immediate service, consumers can get it at reasonable prices.

Able Service Company only cares about giving its customers a healthy environment to live in and experience how is it to live in a pollution free and healthy environment in the comfort of your own home or office.

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